Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Another 1 skein scarf & other updates

It's been a bit hectic in our home lately, so I am sorry it's taken a while to put up a new blog. My brother is getting married this weekend and my "to do" list seems endless. But I have still been plugging away at holiday gifts and crafts with my munchkins.

Em's best friend (and her mom who is one of my best friends) moved back to their home country of Bulgaria earlier in the year. We keep in touch with phone cards and Skype and are planning a visit next year... but I wanted them to both have something similar. So, the boy/girl scarves were made! On the left is the scarf I made Em a month or so ago. I knew the yarn would be the same, but I wanted to make Glenda's scarf more feminine... so, I ran the rows vertical instead of horizontally... half double crocheted and added a single crocheted ruffle shell stitch border. Both scarves are roughly 4 inches wide by 4 feet long... the perfect size for growing kids. Now I just need to finish the scarf for Ro and for his best friend (Glenda's sister Nia) in time to mail them for the holidays! The package will take about 6 weeks to get there, so I have until mid-October to finish everything.

I also finished the tall-man scarf! The recipient of this scarf is 6'6" tall, so I wanted the scarf to be proportional to his height. I made it with 2 1/2 skeins of Lion's Brand Wool Ease yarn in Blue Heather and it measures 7 inches wide by 6 feet long. The scarf is half-double crocheted with a single crochet border finishing the edges. I had to frog this scarf twice due to the unraveling yarn... so frustrating! I am now working on the mate to this scarf as well.

Can you tell I am enjoying scarf making? It's great for the instant gratification that I sometimes need with a project, but it also helps me to perfect each stitch as I get back into crocheting after a twelve year hiatus.

In other news, the munchkins both got haircuts in preparation for the gazillion photos to be taken at the wedding. This was Ro's first real haircut and Em's fourth or fifth. Here are some quick before and durings, I still need to take the afters...

Ro: right after waking from a nap and during the haircut

And Em just after the haircut, but not how it will be regularly styled: There is of course much more to write, but I'm pooped! Have a great evening everyone!