Wednesday, July 27, 2011

BBQ Baked Potato Recipe

Today and tomorrow I will give you two quick ways to enjoy a baked potato during these hot summer months without heating up your kitchen.  The first one is fast and straightforward, requires very little prep and just a bit of attention.  The second one requires a bit of prep and very little attention.  The backyard BBQ comes to the rescue of baked potato lovers!

Potato #1- Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy!!
The BBQ'd Baked Potato

This potato may look familiar as it was featured on the plate with my Yogurt Marinated Chicken last week.

Ingredients and Supplies:
One 8-9 ounce Idaho Baking Potato per person
Olive Oil
Coarse Salt

Preheat your BBQ to medium
Scrub potatoes clean and let dry completely
With a fork, poke potato about 4 times each on all sides
Coat potato in olive oil and sprinkle with salt on all sides
Place potatoes on BBQ, close lid, set timer for 25 minutes
At 25 minute mark, turn potatoes over.  Set timer for 20 more minutes.  (Right about now is when you probably would start making anything else you plan to eat.)
When the second timer goes off, remove potato and gently check for doneness.  Larger potatoes may need a few more minutes.
You will notice in the above photo that the outside is nearly black and crispy, that's fine.  The flavor and texture will be similar to potato skins at your local restaurant.
Add tasty toppings and serve!  The potato will be fluffy light and heavenly.  Enjoy!

Tomorrow, is BBQ'd potato #2 - A BBQ'd Hasselback with slivers of Old Amsterdam Gouda!