Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Wedding & Getty Details

I'm still dealing with the aftermath of my brother's wedding weekend... the wedding was gorgeous and emotional and romantic and energetic and great great fun! The ceremony left everyone with glistening eyes since everyone seemed to be soooo in love. It reminded me of my wedding day and I was happy I brought my makeup with me to reapply after all the tears of joy. Here is a pic of the cake my brother and his new wife designed.

After the Friday rehersal, Saturday wedding and Sunday goodbye brunch (I said it was a weekend!) the munchkins, the hubby and I decided to have Sunday afternoon all to ourselves. We packed some water and snacks and headed to The Getty Museum... a favorite spot of ours.

There was a free concert in the garden that afternoon of a kid-favorite musician, Justin Roberts, and we spent the time dancing, rolling down the grass hills and walking around the garden maze.

After the concert we made a must-do visit to the Family Room to explore art with a more hands-on approach. You can draw your own Japanese warrior mask, lay on a replica of an 18th century French bed (a favorite of mommies with babies) and create your own version of their tube sculpture.

The Getty also has this amazing balloon and tubelike sculpture in the opening atrium called the √úberorgan that plays amusing morse-code-like music every hour. Here is a pic of Em laying on the floor of the atrium looking up and listening to the sculpture.

We ended the day with a fast dinner, a few books and vanilla pudding.

I have a lot of catching up to do with blogs, crafts, projects and getting Em ready to start "school" at home with me. I wanted to write about that today, but time ran away from me again...

Have a wonderful day everyone!