Friday, July 27, 2007

Sewing with Em

I often search the web for one thing and find another entirely wonderful surprise!

Such was the case this week when I found Little Birds' page on Flickr. This woman has such a creative mind! I have not personally corresponded with her, but I have complimented her on many of her adorable creations.

Anyway, she has made this mini-forest of trees out of different scraps of fabric. My son saw them on the screen and proclaimed them to be very beautiful! What a perfect project for a Mother/Son Friday afternoon!

I went through my fabrics and found this sweet cream and green flannel that I bought a Christmas holiday or two ago and thought it would be an excellent start of our own forest. Step one was to cut it out.

Then Em helped me to position and add the beads. I sewed up the side of the tree and then lined up the base. Once the shell was sewn, Em helped me to stuff it. We added a mini note inside to commemorate the making of our first tree together.

Once the stuffing was in and balanced so that it would stay upright, I stitched the back closed and we drank grape juice and ate strawberries to celebrate. From beginning to end, this took us about 2 hours to finish... a perfect project to do while Ro was sleeping.

The tree is now sitting in the center of the dining room table waiting patiently for another tree to be made. I think I'll make a few more in different sizes and colors to compliment this tree... maybe one for each member of the family.
Have a wonderful weekend everyone!