Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Lovely Lemon Uses

Last week I was stir-frying some veggies as part of our dinner and used 1/2 of a juicy Meyer lemon in the sauce.  In my rush to get the family meal on the table, I left the other half of the lemon on the counter where it stayed overnight.  The next morning, it had puckered a bit and looked dry.  But, all was not lost!!  Never one to toss lemons in the compost bin without them being thoroughly used, I worked with the remaining half to clean off my counters, shine up a bit of stainless steel and brighten my fingernails.  You may think it is a little bit silly to think of the 1/2 lemon as saving the day, but that's the way my brain works sometimes.

Since it has been quite some time since I posted of my love of the lemon, or of anything actually, I snapped a photo of said lemon half and bring with it a few ideas you may or may not know of on how this acidic citrus can work for you.

I hope you've found a useful tip for using your lemons and hope you have a wonderful week!