Thursday, August 9, 2012

Tutorial: From ice cream pint to pencil holder

Happy Thursday Everyone!  

I've been looking through all of the plastic containers that I have stacked up in the craft room and realized that I really need to use them!  The straight sides of of my Talenti Gelato containers were perfect for this quick back-to-school project, so I hope you enjoy my quick tutorial.

  • Gather together your supplies.  I used: two straight-sided plastic jars, acrylic paint, crayons and Weldbond glue.  I'll talk about cost at the end.
  • Paint your containers and let dry.  Since you will only see the tops of the jars I used, a second coat of paint was applied there.
  • Using a glue that I know will work on both painted plastic and paper, I glued three crayons onto the container at a time.  Make sure the crayons are staying put before applying the next ones as they can shift quite a bit.
  • 33 crayons and 20 minutes later I was done!  Repeat process for additional containers.  To ensure minimal glue drippage, I let the containers dry right side up for 10 minutes and then upside down for an hour.  Weldbond dries quickly and clearly thankfully!
  • Pop your pencils, paint brushes markers, scissors, etc. in the containers and you're set with colorful accessories for any teacher's desk, child's fun time or your own creative area.

Cost:  Everything I used other than the crayons I already had on hand.  I bought the crayons during a back-to-school sale for $0.25 per 24 pack and used just under three packages so my total cost for both containers was just $0.75!

Now on to another container craft... the next one is for Fall, so stay tuned.
Happy Crafting!