Tuesday, September 6, 2011

I think we're ready for school

Throughout the day, the last day of summer, these are the things Em and Ro talked about:

"Mom, I'll wear this tomorrow, okay?  I LOVE this shirt so I'mna wear it.  EM!  Whadder you wearing?!"

"Where's my backpack?  I want to put it by the door.  Are my pencils in there Mom?  Can we sharpen them so I'm ready?"

"Mommy, are you making me tuna for tomorrow?  And grape juices please okay?  Thanks Mommy!"

"OOoh yea, good choice, I want tuna too Mom!!"

"Do we hafta read the book again Mommy?  I am ready I promise!"

Kindergarten prep books read and discussed and pondered.  Friend-making scenarios discussed and nervous giggly questions answered with love and honesty.  Excitement has replaced the nervousness for now.

Supplies sorted and packed.  Backpacks at the ready.  Outfits ironed and laid out with care.  By Em and Ro, not me... they're ready for school.

Ro reading and stickering his "The Night Before Kindergarten" book.
Am I ready?