Monday, September 5, 2011

Looking back, looking forward

Em and Ro will be starting 2nd and Kindergarten on Wednesday and it has made me reflect, as I am sure many parents do, on the past few years.

I remember Em's first day of Kinder.  I remember what he wore and even what I packed him for lunch.  Having never been in preschool, this would be his first experience out there in the world.  I worried of course, but I was excited for him, for the new things he would learn and the new friends he would make.

Now it is Ro's turn for Kinder and I am still worried and nervous.  Ro has been in preschool, but none of his friends will be at his new school.  I am excited more now I think than I was with Em.  With both munchkins at the same school, my volunteer hours will increase greatly and I will be able to share in their public education more than I ever have.

I also will to continue to enrich our lives via the supplemental homeschooling we already do.  Back in 2009, I had planned to stop CelticMommy altogether-- I was worried about all the time commitments of public school volunteering, supplemental homeschool teaching, bringing up a toddler and maintaining a bevvy of crafting/blogging/baking/home keeping projects.  This year, looking ahead, I do not have any such notions of quitting blogging.  It means too much to me!

So, I'm ready to walk through this new door and ready to experience whatever comes on my path.  I hope you will share it with me.