Wednesday, September 7, 2011

23 days and counting

This is me a few years ago at Camp GetAway... I think I slept half the time I was there!  They didn't mind as the whole point of the weekend is to get away.

To Get Away from being a busy woman who often burns the candle at both ends.
To Get Away from loved and loving family members and take in some fresh air and spare some love for me without guilt.
To Get Away from alarm clocks and makeup and meetings!

Now that my babies are back in school (they started back just 3.5 hours ago), I can concentrate on some other things that have been patiently awaiting my attention.  You know, laundry, filing, dusting.... haha!  I honestly have not done one single thing yet and I think it's okay.  My home and family survived the summer, right?  So, today I am prepping for my weekend!

This will be my, ummm, fifth time I think up to the sweet smelling air of the San Bernardino mountains to attend Camp.  I teach the Saturday craft at camp and love being able to craft and chat with a bunch of new friends.  I also love seeing the faces of friends I've already met there... sisters and moms and grandmas and women from all walks to life who also just want to breathe and be and not care about doing dishes or running a staff meeting.  I love the lake, the pine cones, the hot tea and gooey s'mores ... and yes, even the hot shower, uninterrupted by my boys!  Ooooh, and the massages!  You can melt into a puddle of relaxation with a mani/pedi, a massage or a facial... it's a one stop beauty shoppe in the middle of the nature!

So, ladies, if you're looking for a quick pickmeup, I'd love to see you there!  I believe they have a few spots left for some lucky women!