Thursday, September 9, 2010

This is what happens when you blink...

... in the blink of an eye, my early-to-arrive, youngest child woke up
he gave a specific opinion about his breakfast
he chose his outfit, brushed his teeth and put on his shoes
he grabbed his lunch sak and headed to the car
he put his seat belt on ("I can do it myself Mommy, I don't need help.") and waited patiently for his brother
he talked animatedly about his upcoming day
he got out of the car and held my hand without being asked
he let me snap 1   2   3 photos before running to his classroom

He signed in with the help of Miss G, one of his teachers, and showed me his name.
We walked around the classroom.  I was waiting for him to fuss about me leaving.
He kissed me and said "ByeMommyLoveYou" quickly before turning to play with a friend.


Upon picking him up, I got a firm, tight hug and an "IMissedYouMommy,Hi!".
One day, probably sooner than I will be ready for it, he won't hug me so tightly.

How did the time fly?  I mean really?