Saturday, September 18, 2010

Countdown: 43 days 'til Halloween!

Since I have recently received a few questions and requests about our Halloween preparations and plans, I thought I would give a few clues about the 2010 Cemetery.

My most wonderful hubby has been working on designs for a few new tombstones.  Our graveyard, I feel is almost complete... almost!  I think this year I will re-finish a few of the older tombstones as well.  The theme has not yet been finalized, but I believe that the *ahem* current spider infestation, might play well into it.

Rob has been drawing, researching and creating tombstones for our newly deceased.  I only hope I can do his ideas justice when it come to bringing them to life!

On the food front, arachnids will play their part!  The hand-shaped turkey meatloaf may make another appearance this year... traditional loaf shaped recipe available as well!  Spiders nests, an acromantula cake and a venom juice concoction perhaps? 

That's about all I can say for now... I hear the pest control man at the front door.
Happy Weekend!