Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Beginning ripples

This is a dilly of a project... Ro's ripple blanket!  I love the things that Lucy of Attic24 makes and finally decided to make two ripples of my own for Em and Ro.  Each blanket will fit their beds and I am hoping I have enough yarn!!

Fanfare and drumroll please for my "work in progress" photograph!
Yes, that's it... 5 rows!  I am using Biscuits and Jam's super cool random stripe generator for the changing of the colors, crocheting 2 rows of each color.  I have 7 colors of mostly blues for Ro and Em's will be mostly yellows.

This cool weather we are having in So. Cal has given me the urge to make warm bowls of Corn Chowder.  I think I'll change the recipe up a bit as I am often prone to and if it comes out well, I'll post my modified version in the coming days.

Also coming up, I have a few new crafts for kids and adults alike.  A glass tile pendant and a set of magnets made from children's artwork.

More soon...