Saturday, May 17, 2008

Handmade with love: Guitars and Purses

I like to give homemade gifts... baked goods, crocheted items, sewn goodness, crafted stuff of all sorts. These gifts are always from the heart and personalized to each individual. And, this kind of "value" as I'd like to call it, is something I am trying to pass on through Em and Ro.

Today, my Dad, also known as PaPa-with-the-beard to the boys, is coming over for a birthday lunch-- he turned 64 this week. I just wrote about him and his peanut butter sandwich obsession. His wants are simple-- to spend time with my brother and I, to play his newest guitar songs, to be with his grandsons. Oh, and a peanut butter sandwich on sourdough with cold club soda on the side.

So for his birthday, we went back to our fun freezer paper stenciling techniques that work so well and made him a shirt with his favorite acoustic guitar on it. I enlarged the .jpeg to an 11x14 size of paper to cover the larger size of the shirt and chose a color shirt that will match his eyes perfectly! After making the shirt, Em made him some wrapping paper with balloons and a cake on it, then a fun little card using PaPa's favorite colors, and we wrapped it up. I know my Dad will enjoy wearing it while playing his guitar!

Now that that project has been completed, I have a Purse Project to get on to. The current challenge is to make a bag with t-shirts... something I have PLENTY of with two growing boys in the house. With Em getting out and about now, and having his first sleep-over with Auntie Jenn, I realized he needs a cute little overnight bag to take his bear and books and crayons in... oh and his PJ's of course! I'll put up pics of the bag as I work on it. If you'd like to participate, just visit the link and take a look around at all the cool bags and helpful how-to's that Barb puts up. This will be my first challenge and I'm very excited to get started on it!