Friday, May 16, 2008

Little Tidbits of Joy

I was looking at a cool picture of and subsequent blog that Woof Nanny put up today on the simple joys of food and family. The picture she had up was a vintage cookbook "recipe" for sugar toast... something I personally don't want to try, but something that has been enjoyed by my hubby's family and something he now makes for no special reason whatsoever for our munchkins.

And it made me think of things I do with my boys now... baking with Em. Letting Ro make a giant mess with his food rather than keep him all tidy and glop-free. It's fun! It's memorable! And it's important - tactile learning at its' best!!

Yes, we're "those people" who lick the spatulas!

Yep, we also eat cookie dough and cake batter!! (I know where my eggs come from before you shudder...)

I let Em join in now and then and the gooey mess he makes makes us laugh and run for the camera.

I make cookies and breads and fun treats for no reason at all. And then I give them away to neighbors to enjoy as well. A spontaneous treat for whomever comes across my path.

We lick the ice cream bowls clean. In fact, the one and only time I ever make a run to McDonalds is for an ice cream sundae. No Happy Meals for us... just happy hot fudge and soft serve ice cream.

We make pleasureful noises when the food is good. Any food. From a gooey homemade enchilada to an expensive restaurant meal.

These little moments of relaxation together are very important, handed down traditions on both sides of our family. From sugar toast to s'mores... hot dogs over a campfire... hot chocolate by the fireplace... some of our best moments were created during a family meal - wherever it took place.

Yes, those once a year eating fests are great, but the best times are around the table with just us. Laughing and sharing. Creating memories and new traditions that I hope my boys will pass along.

Got a baby in the house? Try our pear bread.
Cookies my hubby's officer affectionately refers to as "crack" are available.
Lickable Basque Cake anyone?
Rob's grandfather's recipe... Persimmon cookies.

I need to put up more recipes! We enjoy our kitchen and being around a table together so much that I should write about that more.
Thanks Barb for the blog inspiration!!