Monday, July 2, 2007

I've lost it!

No no... it's not that bad! But it's true! Rob and I have been painting our house for, it seems like FOREVER! We are busy and crazy perfectionistic painters... so it takes us a while to paint... when everything is "done" done, I'll post before and afters of it all, but I just wanted to put this one up from yesterday.

This weekends' paint task was the final two coats on the ceiling in the living room and hallway. We've already done all the primering after all the construction and floor installation and are in the home stretch. (Dining room and office are done!!) Once the paint on the ceiling has had two weeks to cure, I can tape off the wall-ceiling corner to get a nice fine line for the walls. If I don't let it cure, the paint might come off with the tape and I don't want to deal with that... perfectionist crap is fun isn't it!

Anyway, since I'm going to have to continue to put up with half old paint job/half new primered walls, I decided to give myself something to look at!