Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Wednesday Ramblings & Updates

A sweet Wednesday rambling for you all...

Updates: House is still a mess, but I have a wood floor and primered walls in the living room. Dining room & office are painted now and done! Pics are pre-paint.

View from hallway into living and dining room, after the carpet is this blue
junk, then plywood (was wood flooring before I bought house, but they had a fire, so plywood was installed to make the floor even... nightmare!)

That's the plywood. All was ripped up and recycled. The carpet too. Under the ply is concrete that was sanded and leveled off in places to make the transition to the dining room unnoticeable.

The new floor from bedroom hallway. I still need to replace that fugly carpet.

Ro walked to me to see what I was doing... the floor...

Car Accident: My car is back, lookin' brand new. I am still seeing doctors for my neck, shoulder, hip, wrist from this accident! It's slow going, which is okay, but so frusturating!!! I'm at the chiropractor 3x a week. The biggest concern is the loss of about 20% of my grip on my right hand/wrist. It's still not back yet. Will probably be seeing a new doctor for that eventually.

Notary Stuff: I've been taking appointments as a Notary and Notary Signing Agent and am hooked... this job is awesome! If you ever need a Notary in Los Angeles, let me know!! I went the extra step and became a "Certified and Background Screened" Notary Signing Agent. In a nutshell, it means I know and have been tested on the laws and the forms I'm handling and it also means, I've been background checked to pass some strict standards.

The babes are doin' fine as well. Em is finally getting the pee pee in the potty thing and Ro is a walking, babbling comedian! I just love his laugh. I can hear it in my head even now.

I'm going to be in August's issue of BabyTalk magazine! Months ago, I had sent tips on getting sleep to the mag, and they called me yesterday and said my info will be in their August issue... very cool surprise.

The biggest reason I've barely been online (other than the accident, notary, babies, house) is that I've been doing lots of research on going green and going organic. The more I read about these things, the more I realize how much it/they mean to me. I've switched over to gDiapers.
In a nutshell, these are diapers with a flushable, compostable, throw away degradeable insert. You can compost the pee ones for your garden! I can spout statistics galore, but don't want to preach other than to say I love them and they were easier to handle than I imagined. Check the website out if you want to know more:

There's so much more, but I've got to hop in the shower! That's it for now.