Thursday, May 31, 2007

Day 3 Unplugged

Today is the third day we will not be watching a second of television in my house and I'm really starting to like it!

I found this amazing woman, Sarah of Unplug Your Kids.
Her blog is full of very cool ideas for many many things... unplugging the TV being one of them. So, I talked with the hubster about it and we figured we'd give it a go. I set the DVR to record the two shows we watch (since the other 2 shows have had their finales) and hid the remote.

Here's what I've found so far.
#1- I've had time to crochet the final skein of yarn for a blanket I've been working on forever.
#2- The munchkins have not even noticed the lack of TV... realistically, they only get to watch 1 hour of Signing Time in the morning.
#3- We've taken more walks throughout the day and both babes seem sleepier at night.

That's it so far... I'll keep you posted.