Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Still Summering

I've been a quiet blogger this summer, I know.  With both Em and Ro out of school for three months, we've been field tripping and crafting our way through the days.  Recently, while cleaning in the craft room (code for frantically searching for something), I came across this list.

Em started the list with Ro chiming in every once in a while while running back and forth from Lego creating.  It's such a sweet list (with more on the back) that he wrote out the weekend that their summer vacation began.  We've ticked off quite a bit of the list but not everything... and not everything I  had hoped to do.  So, sweet readers, I hope you understand when I say "back soon, we are still summering".  As soon as Em and Ro are done in the bathtub, we will be off on another adventure.  I have just two weeks of summer left to savor with my sweeties!  So, back soon!