Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Tweaking a new recipe

Aaahhh, the heady aroma of vanilla beans!

Happy Wednesday Friends!  I have been working on a new recipe-- one that Em and Ro love taste testing and offering opinions and suggestions on.  A new ice cream recipe!  In the past, all my homemade ice creams contained unpasteurized eggs that had to be cooked to avoid that nasty bacteria known as Salmonella.  While it was nice not to worry about my children getting sick, it meant my custard bases always had to chill for hours in the fridge before becoming a cool confection.

At Camp Blogaway a few weeks ago, my eyes were opened to the U.S.'s only pasteurized eggs, Davidson's Safest Choice Eggs.  These eggs can be eaten completely raw without fear of becoming ill which is spiffy for impatient ice cream eaters!  So, I've been working and reworking a fast and easy ice cream base that is perfect alone and even better with add-ins!!  Hopefully, I will have this recipe up in the next day or so after one or two more batch tests.  :-)

What is your favorite ice cream?