Thursday, May 26, 2011

Seeing what you eat

I remember many date nights with my now-hubby, being at restaurants where french fries were served.

One particular night, I noticed Rob watching me look at each french fry I picked up-- I like choosing my fries.  He laughed and thought it was a funny quirk.  Years later, I still do this with fries, salads and anything where you pick one bite over another.

This morning, my wee one was eating a bowl of blueberries.  He was very mindful of which berry he picked out of his bowl.  I saw him pick up certain berries, look at them, and then put them back in the bowl.  When he was finished, he came to me:

"Mom!  You need to put this blueberry back in the refrigerator... I want to show it to Dad, okay?"
He held out his little hand to reveal a very big blueberry.  "This Mommy, this blueberry is perfeckt!  (yes, that's how he says it)  I wanna show Daddy before I eat it."

Funny quirk passed on!