Thursday, April 14, 2011

Unplanned Downtime

Wow!  Since 2011, I have not gone this long of a stretch without posting.  I'd like to say I've been off touring Ireland or something, but I've just been touring the confines of my house! 

Last year I got sick.  As pretty much any parent will tell you, I didn't have time to be sick-- kid pickup/dropoff/homework/homeschool, PTA duties, home duties, etc. etc. kept me going from early to late.  Usually the colds lingered and then decided to leave.  But not that time... nope!  Pneumonia/hospital/incapacitated/NaNa helping/breathing treatments/Hubby staying home to help take care of mommy-and-munchkins pneumonia!  I don't remember much of February or March of '10.

So this year... I made it all the way to April with hardly a sniffle.  Ppsh... until this new cold hits.  Two kids birthdays to plan and a vacation to prepare for among other things.  *shaking head*  EVERYTHING went by the wayside.  All I've been doing is sleeping in between waking up for liquids and small small things for the family.  Both Em and Ro remember last year and they've been pretty good about it.  And of course my hubby and mom have been helpful and gently stern with me and my resting.  I feel very laaaaazzzzyyy!

But, I can breathe!  With any luck, the medications and rest will convince my doctor to let me to go Sequoia next week for Spring Break.  Up there, all I plan to do is rest with my family, take photos, watch snowball fights, crochet in the lodge and snuggle with the hubby. 

Right now, you can find me crocheting outside for the first time in two weeks.  It's lovely to be in the warm sun!

Back soon! -Hettie