Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Pausing for Pneumonia

Well, all the running around and not taking care of myself has caught up with me and given me a great giant wallop! I haven't been online for almost a week now because of this lovely thing called pneumonia. Hospital visits, breathing treatments, medicine and liquids and more medicine and more liquids and rest rest rest!

I feel like such a sloth. I am sure my mom will be phoning momentarily to admonish me for even being out of bed for the 10 minutes it will take to write this. My husband has been an amazing trooper through all of this-- between he and my mom, the boys and the house are well loved and tended. When I'm awake, I try to crochet a bit as I'm working on a new pattern and it's mostly in my befuddled brain.
But now, I am winded again, so back to the couch to rest I go. Back soon.