Saturday, February 5, 2011

Home for the weekend

This seems to be a common theme of late... extra family closeness and relaxation is the number one priority each weekend.  The hustle and bustle of weekday work, art lessons, schooling, supplemental schooling (have I explained this yet?) and the like, keep us from connecting as much as we want to.

Very early on as parents, Rob and I decided that family dinners together at the dinner table mattered greatly to us as this was one of just a few waking hours we could all spend enjoying and sharing with one another.  Family nighttime reading is another one and one I should touch on more often in this blog.

But now, let's talk about weekends.  Family bike rides, backyard playtime, extra giggles and extra extra hugs-- extra meals all at one table, we love it!  This weekend seems to be destined for more home fun.  Turning the dirt in the garden, banjo practice, drawing, crocheting, singing and fort building, baking and laughing.  Simple family time and memories in the making.

I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend as well.
Love, Hettie