Friday, February 4, 2011

Grilled Chicken Experiment - Take One

So yesterday, I prepared the marinade for the upcoming Grilled Chicken recipe that I spoke about in the blog before this one.  In the hurry of the day, I didn't get to complete the cucumber salad that was supposed to accompany the meal... ah well.  If it's good (I think to myself) then I'll photograph the salad tomorrow.  The chicken grills up beautifully, the jasmine rice is nice, the naan bread I had to shortcut and purchase, but still, not too bad, not too bad for a mid-week meal.

The table was set, the critics came to the table.  My oh-so-sweet hubby tells Em and Ro:  "We need to let Mommy know if the chicken is good so she can make it again, okay?" 

This has been a long-standing request of mine for Rob... if it stinks, tell me so!  If you don't say anything, I will never improve.

Em proclaims is very tasty and eats every bite!  Rob, takes his time, really tasting the chicken and murmuring slight adjustments I could make.  I quickly notice a lack of salt and know the blog with the recipe will not be going up as fast as I'd hoped. 

The clincher came with Ro... we asked him what was his favorite thing on the plate...  He looks at me, he looks at the plate.  He looks at Rob, he looks at the plate.  He chooses!

He chose the Naan bread... the bread I did not make!  Back to the culinary drawing board to tweak the recipe to, hopefully be up next week.

The dinner wasn't so bad, but the after was much nicer.  Footsies by the fire!
Happy Friday everyone!