Saturday, January 15, 2011

New Library

Looking back at several posts, I've talked often about us being a very reading oriented family.  I have always been a big reader, often reading novels in one sitting.  I remember many many a bleary morning in high school having spent half of my supposed-to-be-sleeping hours cuddled up with Stephen King's latest tome.  I remember my local public library and the elation when my mom would finally let me walk there by myself.  I remember when my friend Sheri got a job at the local bookstore and pumping her for discounts and borrowing advanced copies of soon to be released fiction and non-fiction works.

When I moved out on my own for the first time, I packed too many books in each box and realized that stacks of books were heavy!  And, where was I going to put my collection?

Years and years and bookshelves later, our library finally has an all-in-one-place home!  I have culled the collection down to the must-haves, the cherished historical, the willed by family, the daily inspirers, the kiddo educational and crafty ... the subject list goes on, but you know what I mean.
Once my hubby attached the bookcases to the wall, I began the task of sorting and re-sorting.  This was not easy primarily because I kept opening the books and wanting to read them rather than shelve them!  I quickly realized that my sons' books would need to stay in their rooms as I was running out of space.  By the end of several hours, I was mostly happy with the arrangement.

So, now the aftermath.  The library has been in place for a week today and the family and I are deep into the lovey dovey honeymoon phase with it.  Every day I re-find a new book to peruse.  Em and Ro and even Rob have stopped to look and think and pull a book out.

"Mom, can we make this?  I think I want to make this." Em says one afternoon while looking at a kids crafting book.

"Momma, I like this, who... where is this from?"  Ro says after finding Rob's collection of comic strip books.

"          "  Silence from Rob as he picks up a historical photography book and stares at something intently.

"Where is that... ah...!"  Me as I find exactly what I was looking for-- no longer having to search my old shelves in several locations around the house.  Shelves that had books behind the books that were hard to get to and sadly rarely looked at.

Loving the new library!

Oh, and if you want to know what is where... my organized in my brain shelving system is noted over on Flickr.