Wednesday, June 17, 2009

This morning's harvest

Four zucchini - two given to neighbors, two to be grilled tonight
A handful of chives - for lunchtime tuna sandwiches and for baked potatoes tonight
Sprigs of parsley and oregano - for the marinade for tonight's chicken
About 10 green beans - to be used tomorrow in a stir-fry
Four grape tomatoes - one casualty gotten by our doggie not pictured. Already eaten by Em.
Not pictured but happily savored last night... our first raspberry!

I need to do an updated photo, but the things you don't see often are:
  • The lettuce.... sigh, the lettuce is not happy. I might get one head this season...
  • The blackberry & raspberry plants are happily climbing the wires Rob installed. I do not think we'll get any blackberries this year, but there are about 10 raspberries slowly growing.
  • The strawberry plants are recovered from the weird brown worm incident and I spotted about 20 strawberries growing.
  • Four cucumbers are growing! If they get big enough, I'll have enough for two nights worth of salad and one batch of cucumber soup!