Thursday, June 18, 2009

Recycling Batteries

A little over a year ago, I cleaned out a glass jar, slapped a little label saying "USED BATTERIES" on it and shoved the jar up into a kitchen cabinet.

Every once in a while, the heavy clink clink of batteries being plunked into the jar would remind the boys about the importance of not throwing old batteries in the garbage.

Clink Clink Plunk - Flashlight batteries replaced

Clink Clink Plunk - bi-annual replacement of smoke detector batteries

On and on this went, the boys now having learned that this is where batteries go for recycling... a little "bin" similar to the outside ones that collect glass, paper and cardboard.

Today, with the replacing of batteries on my old CD player, the jar was full!

So, once full, where do I take them?

Household batteries can be recycled in many easy-to-find places! Listings are an Internet search away. Earth 911 Waste Management Jiffy Lube to name just a few

Teaching my kids this very easy habit will keep them mindful of keeping our planet green & healthy.

Do you have suggestions for recycling batteries or CFL lightbulbs? Electronics? Old paint? Post a comment and I'll add the link!