Wednesday, May 28, 2008

My Previous Job

So, people have often asked me, "what did you do before children?"

I often ask myself that same question! The quickest answer I can give is that I worked at The Anderson School at UCLA in the Laptop Support Office... first as a tech and then as the office manager. I attended and spoke at conferences, went to workshops, became Dell and IBM laptop certified, hired/fired students... I can't even remember much of it all now that I've been out for 3 years. Our office handled the hardware and software repair of 1500+ laptops of all shapes and sizes for the MBA, FEMBA and EMBA and Exchange students who attended the business school.

I've been yelled at, been thanked profusely, worked 18 hour shifts during summer-training-sessions-from-hell, crawled in a plenum to rewire a lab, re cabled a building, intimidated students into buying what I wanted them to buy (IBM/Lenovo vs. Dell for example... IBM will ALWAYS win), and met some very wonderful people dedicated to the betterment (is that a word?) of all those with a desire to learn.

I made funny training videos like this one on what to do if you spill something on your laptop... a once a week occurrence for MBA students.

I never expected to work in technology, but I enjoyed being on the cutting edge of things and always in the know. In the end though, the job really got to me and we figured out a way for me to stay home with my wee one (now wee ones)... now, I let my hubby deal with the technical stuff while I craft and homeschool and read and bake and figure out what kind of job I will eventually return to.

I'm lucky and grateful and to live this way!