Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Resolution update, 4 weeks in

It's been a little hectic in this house the past four weeks, so I apologize for not blogging and also for not commenting on other blogs... it's nothing personal... *insert sheepish shy smile here* and I should be back to a better schedule soon.

But, until then, I thought I'd send a quick New Year's Resolution update. By now, statistically, most people have already given up their resolutions... have you? Let's see how I'm doing...

#1- Taking care of me. Have I?
I've used my birthday and holiday gift cards for.... for me!! That never happens. :-) I bought myself a new wallet and a new shirt with my gift cards and still have a bit left over for something eventually.

#2- No new magazines. Have I bought any?
No! The only magazines that make it into this house are from our two subscriptions (Outdoor Photographer for Rob and Wonder Time for me). And when those come in, another magazine is recycled out.

#3- Start a crafting business...
Well, not yet. But I have been gathering ideas and all sorts of possibilities. So, this is being worked on, but no debut as of now.

#4- Read. Have we been reading?
This is such a funny one... of course we've been reading! Ro is finally enjoying being read to and sits still for about 1/2 a book. He still prefers being sung to, but now he also brings me books to read to him. Em is up to 3 books a day on average and will often make up stories to "read" with Ro. I've only read 2 books of my own, but I have a wonderful variety of fiction and non-fiction books fresh from Paperback Swap all ready to go.

#5- Two new recipes a week.
Yes, this one is being kept, often with more than 2 new recipes each week. I've made new breads, a new pie, new chicken dishes, a different kind of chili, new cookies and even a new smoothie!

#6- Cleaning up. Are we clean yet?
This is perhaps the one I have been the most diligent about. While 1-5 come pretty naturally on a daily basis, #6 requires set aside time. And I have set aside time. :-) I've declined 39 catalogs (some are from the same company under various names and initials for whatever odd reason) through Catalog Choice. I've also called companies to opt out and have mailed out 6 different "Take me off your list" requests. The mailbox is lighter, but many of these requests can take up to 10 weeks... so time will continue to tell.

Also, the one time we've been to the park, we filled an entire plastic bag with trash (eewww!) and promptly sanitized our hands. But, Em declared the park to be prettier now and understands that keeping everything clean, both at home and while away from home, are equally important.

We've also Freecycled several bags of toys, clothes and other odd items and donated several more. Once construction is completed in my house (this summer I hope), we will be able to park one of our cars in the garage! The other side is reserved for equipment for woodworking, bike/bike trailer and several trikes.

Not too bad all-in-all.