Friday, October 12, 2007

Work in Progress, Em's Halloween Costume

An old pair of sweat pants... A brand spanking new white shirt... A pair of unused shoe laces... what's a girl to make? How about a pirate outfit!!

After much indecision, Em decided that being a pirate was the way to go for this years Halloween costume. The outfits at Party America and Target were not what I wanted, plus the material is shabby and thin (it's a little cold at the end of October) and I figured I could try making an outfit myself. We bought a $3 sword, a $1 eye patch and earring and $6 school uniform shirt and went home to think about how to transform it all.

First off, exhibit A-- the shirt... doesn't it just instill excitement? Think oooohhh, aaah, Pirates of Penzance! I took off the collar buttons and the front of the collar and seam ripped the edges. Then I cut the shirt into a V in the front and made 3 holes on each side for a piece of leather shoelace to run through. I took the buttons off the sleeves also, seam ripped those and the pocket and ran another shoelace through each cuff (1 lace cut in 2 pieces). Sidenote: This is a size 8 shirt, for a 3 year old kid! I was going for the billowy sea air puffing up the shirt type of idea...

A quick run-through in the washer and dryer to fray the newly ripped edges and voila... here's an after shot.
I think I might replace the white buttons with some old bone ones that I have to give it a more aged look.

Next came the pants. I cut the elastic off the bottoms and angle-cut the pants in various lengths up the leg. A pair of chunky shoes and matching socks and we have this! now to get the whole thing on the munchkin for a dry run!

I added a quick sash of a scarf I made recently, gelled up the hair and added the
eye patch. The fake earring hurt, so I think we might abandon that for now. For the actual Halloween night, Em will also have a scruffy beard and chest hair! We're papier macheing a treasure chest right now also (out of the box those shoes came in!

Up next: Old coffee, a spit-up stained t-shirt and first aid materials... what will Ro be?