Monday, October 1, 2007

A fun way to Pay it Forward

A few months ago, a sweet new friend of mine, decided to do a Pay it Forward... basically, the first three people who left a comment on her blog would receive a free homemade gift from her. All that the lucky recipient would need to do in return, is to Pay it Forward to 3 someone else's via their own blog.

So, I'm Paying it Forward! The first three people to comment on my blog will receive something within the next few months made by me just for them. Here are the wonderful things Steph made for me and my family:
A most wonderful crafty tray for me... the fishy fabric tray in the center. Buddy the bear for Em... the green bear with blue/white polka dot vest. And, Eddie the teddy for Ro... the blue bear with the green/white polka dot vest.

My package came wrapped in pretty pink and green paper with a sweet note and postcard and some wonderful fabric for me to play with. I love it all and can't wait to think of something fun to make!

So, would you care to Pay it Forward?? Let me know!