Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Pretty green scarf (and 1st day of school!)

I think 2/3 of the people on my holiday list will be getting scarves this year! It's a great way for me to master new stitches as well as use up the delicious yarn stash I've accumulated in the past few months... and of course, best of all, I get to give something personally made with love for each recipient of such an item.

This is a scarf I made for my mom. The yarn is a little scratchy, so I made it more of a stylish accessory than a keep-you-warm type of scarf. With my mom's red hair, these colors will stand out nicely on her I think. They yarn is from Italy and called Gedifra Fiocco (2005 collection #4072) and has a slight mermaid sheen to it. I crocheted horizontally single, single, half double half double and repeat until I got to 5 inches by 5 1/2 feet long (petite mom) and then added a 5x1 shell edge to give it a little ruffle.

The next scarf is for my munchkin and his love of orange. I was at a 50% off sale on Saturday and Em picked this pretty orange yarn... super soft! But, I have no idea what it is and there was only one skein, so I'll be making him a scarf and hat with this and some funky black yarn from my stash. I'm going to try to add either some bobbles or puffs to give it a bit of character.

I'm off to get Em ready for his first day of homeschool! Since this month is Child's Safety month, we'll be working on safety lessons --knowing how to dial, phone numbers, scissor care, kitchen care, etc. Also, our field trip this week will be to Leo Carillo Beach (named after the conservationist) to visit the tidepools and work on observation and counting.