Friday, August 31, 2007

Reducing global warming, one tush at a time

(My happy munchkin wearing a blue gDiaper)

I first learned about flushable and compostable gDiapers from Sarah, the genius mom behind the Unplug your Kids website. If you've got (or want to have) babies and are even remotely concerned about the environment, you should check out gDiapers-- one of the very first Cradle to Cradle products and also endorsed by Healthy Child Healthy World. Disposable diapers are one of the worst things in landfills... with 50 million used diapers going to landfills DAILY-- and taking at least 500 years to "dissolve".

Once I was on-board as a gMum, I've kept up with the company and have become a go getter (diaper revolutionist) for their company. I just recently got a package in the mail from them to help spread the word about the diapers... see pic.

Now, other than demonstrating the diapers' ease of use to my friends, I can give out coupons, info. and beach balls. (BTW, if you want to try the diapers, I'll mail you an info kit for free!) My neighborhood ladies now all know about, and some actually already have, gDiapers!!

gDiapers isn't paying me for this...and I try not to be preachy about most things... but when I find a product that I think is great, I like to talk about it. Do you have any products you wouldn't want to live without? Tell me about it!