Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Father's Day

It's been pretty busy for the past couple of weeks... Rob has been working with his side company SideworkPC on the weekends-- 12 hour days ick! So, it was wonderfully rewarding to have him all to ourselves for Father's Day.

I made breakfast at home and we relaxed with the boys by going to the park. No one was there! We had the park all to ourselves for about two of the three hours we were there. It was warm (about 87 degrees) but I was really amazed that no other families in my neighborhood had the same idea.

Ro loved the swings and sitting under the trees with me. We played with pine cones and pine needles and just watched the trees. Em had the entire run of the park so he slid every slide, swung every swing and filtered sand to his hearts' content.

After that, we had dinner with Rob's parents and grandfather... a happy and robust 83 year old and the only one left of his generation. The evening was calm and cozy and just the way Rob wanted it!

What did you do on Father's Day?