Sunday, July 24, 2011

My berry cup runneth over with tomatoes

Another weekend spent in the garden, bent over tomato plant after tomato plant trying to get to all the ripe tomatoes... we've had an abundance of grape and cherry tomatoes this season. I had to cut back one of the plants as it was invading my raspberry climbing wires! As I wrote earlier today on the CelticMommy Facebook page (have you been there to "like" it yet?), I love being out in garden each morning, barefooted and bumbling about. Sadly this morning, a large cherry tomato was in my path and got squished! Is tomato juice a good foot exfoliant?

Anyway, after distributing about 250 of these beauties to surrounding neighbors and relatives, I wanted to get a quick pic of some of the rest of them in my beautiful new berry bowl made by Melissa of the Bridgman Pottery blog and Etsy.  I love that this bowl was made for me by Melissa and that the bowl has its' own uniqueness that typifies her wabi sabi creative spark!  Like Melissa, I too believe that the beautiful things we collect should be used and not sitting and collecting dust.

To add to that sentiment, I will soon be working on a new crochet project with some beautiful yarn that has been sitting in my stash.  Catrina of Because Mommy Said So created this sweet hat (Ravelry Link) that looks both warm and stylish!  As soon as I am done with my current seekrit project, my own pattern to be coming soon, I'll be crocheting the Nottinghamshire hat for my noggin.

I hope your cup runneth over today with all good things!