Sunday, July 31, 2011

Another family reader and his books

With summer in full swing, my boys have had plenty of time to relax and rearrange (and rearrange again) the things in their rooms.  As Em's reading skills increase, he asks for more new books and gives more of his old books away to his brother... not that Em will never see or use the books again, as we always have them in various stages of reading all over the place!   The hustle and bustle of books in between brothers has created a commotion in Ro's book collection, namely book crowding.

Above you see a partial collection of Ro's books.  Notice the bulges in the crates.  There actually are more books than this, but this is what fit in the space he had and the other books were rotated in.  Not easy for my munchkin to peruse at all... Ro was ready for a better way!  

Ikea bookshelves and Daddy to the rescue!  Now, the books are in order-- woo hoo!  Now, the books are much easier for Ro to find himself and put back whenever he is done with them.  Being able to come to and say "Mommy!  My room is allll clean and the books are alllll put away!" has been very rewarding for Ro.

I still have a shelf of books to bring in from the living room library, but this is a fabulous start for the newest reader of the house.