Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentine Magnets - Photo Tutorial

I don't know if I would call it a tutorial... but there we go.  The heart stamp was homemade with supplies from Dick Blick and hubby's wine cork!  Everything else is from Michael's.  Nearly all kid-made!  (Mommy made the stamp, printed the labels and cut the scrapbook paper into squares.)
Paint wooden disks
Watercolor paint Avery labels and let dry.  Leave under heavy books after dry to stay flat overnight.

   Glue magnets and let dry overnight

Print something cute on Avery labels and punch out to use as seals for each Valentine.

Heart stamp, or whatever you choose on magnet faces... this was easy for Em and Ro to make many at a time without having to hand painting hearts on.

Truly the most awesome tip... the magents on a cookie sheet STAY STILL for little ones to stamp without having to touch them!  Less boo boos this way.

Cut 12x12 scrapbook papers into 4 6x6 squares.  This was inspired by Unplug Your Kids February topic "Page".  Used this Google Image Search to inspire the boys to make their own envelopes.

When magnets are dry, put in center of envelopes and re-fold.

All sealed up and ready to give out!

Happy Valentine's Day!