Wednesday, February 16, 2011

These rainy days

It is a gorgeous, rainy, wintry day here in Los Angeles!  Our whole family loves experiencing the rain and I can count the seconds, literally, from when Em and Ro see the rain outside, to the question of "Is it time for our rainy day observation walk Mommy?"  This type of nature walk never seems to get boring. 

Em, 2005, Waiting to go out and play in the rain.
We watch for the rain.  We look at the cloud types and ponder when the rain will strike.  Will there be enough rain for listening?  For tasting?  Can I stomp in puddles yet?  Are the streams of run-off enough to conduct races between twigs and leaves?

Ro, 2011, Waiting to go out in the rain!
The sun is peeping through the clouds right now... I hope it takes a break and the rain comes back soon!  We've been taking these walks since before this blog began and probably will continue through our lifetimes. This makes us happy.  What makes you happy?