Tuesday, June 1, 2010

By Leaps and Bounds!

At first, you think it is going to be an ordinary week...

Then, a first tooth loss for Em and a note to the tooth fairy asking to keep the tooth! Asking about how she knows he lost the tooth. Asking do I have any of my old teeth. Asking... asking... asking...

A revelation for Ro that he has my ears and Daddy's toes. Peering in the mirror he wonders about those gorgeous eyes of his (they are my birthmothers' eyes) and why he has dots (freckles) on his skin... are they Mommy's dots or Daddy's? And what about...

Okay, a big Monday of discovery!

Today I am greeted with facts about our garden, "Momma, the cewmumbers are growing from the flowers... do you see!?"

And a reading four year old.

And a making-connections six year old. "Mom, when you married Daddy, you didn't have the same name right? You had a different name... that is how families grow you know. What was NaNa's old name?"
-and- "Mom, you have to balance the plane so that it won't tip over. See how the two sides are almost the same... it stays up that way."

Some days are just wonderful days. Others a growth by leaps and bounds!
I try not to blink and miss it.

P.S. Just as I am about to hit publish, in they walk with a bug specimen... "I want to take it to school! What do I feed it?"