Wednesday, March 31, 2010


My neighbors are vacationing for the week in Sequoia and I promised to look in on their house and make sure it looked lived in. While the hubby was with Em at karate, Ro and I walked over there to air the house out a bit and bring in the mail. Just a few quick thoughts as we were in the backyard...

There's a whispering breeze in the trees, like the sounds of a corn broom being briskly swept on a concrete patio... swish swish. The fragrant orange blossoms fall from the tree looking like popcorn cascading down onto the grass. Ro sits on each backyard chair bench and looks expectantly around for their pooch, wanting to pet her before she bounds up to lick his face. Leaves in the fountain waiting to be plucked out of the water. Swish swish the breeze blows.

Coming back around the corner, back to our little patch, we spy a bouquet of seed pods and bring them home to the nature table in the living room.

Mother and son, a peaceful hour.
Happy Birthday N, I love you.