Monday, August 17, 2009

Summer fun at The Getty

( In the Family Room. Em-5, Dom-6, Vin-3, Ro-3)

Gathering sunscreen, snacks, camera, water & wee ones... do I have everything and everyone?
Picking up NaNa & PaPa fuel the excitement!
Where's the tram? Oooh, there's the tram, everyone pick a seat by the window!
Hello cars on the 405 freeway below... we see you as we climb climb climb in the tram to the tippity top. We're here! We're here!!! Where are we again Mommy?!
Down the winding walkway, following the babbling water to the Central Garden-- we find every color, count petals on flowers, ooh and ahh the hummingbird. Turning around, you can see where we've come from... the hills!! The grassy hills! Let's go roll down the garden hills!
Sculpture viewing? Check! Photography viewing? Check!! Impatience leads us to the Family Room where we can be loud and silly and hands-on.
Much time passes... we've made masks, recreated tube sculptures, read in a French bed room (the bed is the whole room!), recreated manuscripts and finally begun to slow down.
Back outside, we break for snacking and water garden viewing. A bit of a rest before the trip back down the tram.
A great day! A long day for the Mommies... boys nodding off as we wave goodbye.