Monday, December 15, 2008

Wooden ornaments for Christmas

Last summer, I got these super cool wooden Christmas light bulbs online from Casey's Wood Products in the hopes of making a string of "lights" for mini-trees for Em and Ro's rooms... they come in several sizes and with or without pre-drilled holes. Anyway, with all my sewing and crocheting last year, the project got put to the side to do this year.

When time rolled around this Fall to make the lights, I had changed my mind and came up with a super fun and fast way to use them as personalized ornaments. I used craft supplies I had on hand to aide my tight holiday budget and just love the results! Here is what I did.

1- Paint the wooden ornaments in various colors. The first one dried by the time I was done with the last one, so it was easy to apply two coats quickly to the "light" part of the ornament. I used Delta Ceramacoat Acrylic paints.

2- Paint the "metal" part of the ornament with a color similar to a real light bulb. To keep the wet paint from getting on anything, I used empty egg cartons to hold the ornaments while they dried.

3- I personalized a bunch with names of neighbors, friends and family to give them with their baked goods baskets and left the rest blank. For this, I just used Sharpies in different colors complimentary to the paint of the ornament.

4- Using ribbon, embroidery floss, beads or plain ornament hooks... insert in the pre-drilled holes of the ornaments so they can be hung on your tree or used as a "bow" on a gift.

That's it! We made 75 ornaments in a few hours time.
I'm thinking that when I make my new order to replace this order, that I'll do them differently for the boys' trees... so many creative possibilities!! You can stain them for a more natural look, sand some of the paint off of them for a country effect, lacquer them for a shiny look... what else?
Have fun crafting!!
Oh, also, Casey's has a zillion other wooden products... easter eggs, beads, fruit, boxes, blocks. It's an excellent crafting resource!