Saturday, June 14, 2008

"New" curtain for my kitchen window

Part of my 101 challenges in 1001 days is to "Get or make window coverings for the whole house". Yesterday, I tackled the kitchen window... and it finally has a covering for the first time since the kitchen was remodeled the first time -- 9 years ago! Since the window looks out onto our sideyard (and the 6 foot high wooden fence Rob and his father built), privacy wasn't the concern-- but with summer coming, I am determined to keep the house as cool as possible.

When my friend Mariella still lived here, she was an avid Freecycler like me and we often shared the things she and I got. One Freecycler was giving away several household items and these four panels were part of what I received. I soaked them in baking soda and dried them in the sun to help get rid of most of the stains... then I ironed them and they sat in my breakfront for several months.

After doing the breakfast dishes with a face full of sun, I decided it was high time for some kind of window covering! The four panels perfectly covered the width of the window while also still allowing light in. I hung them simply with some wire and hooks. Then, for a centerpiece I added a green glass celtic knot in the center that I bought in New Hampshire many years ago-- and that's it!

To the bottom right of the window, by the sink, there is an old pewter candy dish that another neighbor was about to throw out! I cleaned it up and use it to hold my crocheted sponges.

One room down and seven to go to complete this part of my challenge.