Tuesday, June 3, 2008

A Garden Wagon and A Polar Bear

My mom's husband's birthday just passed and we painted a wagon planter for him. I found this cute wagon at Michael's and then we painted it and sealed it since it will certainly get some nice wear-and-tear at the garden co-op he and my mom belong to.
Then, Em drew Ted a polar bear named Apol for his birthday card. We found this cute activity in this weeks Kids Craft Weekly. Anyway, Apol is a special polar bear who collects snow to make into presents. He eats some of the snow, but the rest of the snow turns into presents for Santa Claus and then Santa can give them out. Apol also drinks ice and hot chocolate and lives in a snow house and he has a family. He is smiling in the picture because he is happy to be playing in the snow. (By the way, I love that Em draws all this snow and we live in the Los Angeles desert!)