Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Finished blankie

I recently wrote about a Freecycler who graciously gave me 2 1/2 gigantic garbage bags full of scraps and the blanket I was making with some of them. After sorting them out and divvying up the scraps between several on and off continent friends, I set out to finish this fun blanket. Ro is transitioning from "the baby" to a toddler and I wanted to freshen up his room with some new accents. Over the next few months I'll blog about all the ideas as they come to fruition... here is the first one! (click on the pic to enlarge for a better view)The front of the blanket is entirely made with scraps from Angie (a.k.a. The Freecycler) and the back is a big piece of cocoa brown fleece I already had on hand. I used thread from my stash and the love in making it is, of course, free... so the blanket technically didn't cost much! I guess you could say it was about 1.50 for the thread, 1.50 for the gas to pick up the fabric, and .75 for the piece of fleece that I bought out of the remnant bin many months ago. $3.75 in cash but priceless when you add in the doing for the love of your child!! It fits perfectly in his crib-- but it doesn't stay there unless he's asleep. Usually it is with him. I think he likes it!

What do you do with your fabric scraps??