Wednesday, February 6, 2008

13 inches of hair donated to Wigs for Kids

Yesterday was the big day! I gently shampooed and conditioned my 23 inches of hair for the last time. I combed it out and blew it completely dry with warm, not hot air (it's better for you) and gathered it into several ponytails... it's better to have more than one so you can get the most length per section of hair.

My mom must've called 5 times while I was getting ready. She even called the Daily News, a local newspaper, because she thought we should tell EVERYONE and have a reporter at the salon with us to write a story on donating your hair for children. I thought that was sooo sweet of her!

Em was very excited. He told several ladies at the salon that I was cutting off my hair to give to kids who didn't have hair. But, when my hair was actually cut, he got a little upset for a few minutes and needed a hug of assurance from me. The stylist finished of my new ultra-short haircut and we left the salon.

Oooh, my neck was cold! It was a weird feeling! It was a wonderful feeling! My ponytails are now on their way to a non-profit organization called Wigs for Kids. It will take between 6-12 hair donations for one child to be gifted with a hairpiece... can you join in?