Friday, January 4, 2008

Drizzly week.

Our big storm that is supposed to dump inches of rain and I think over a foot of snow in the local and central California mountains... it's not here yet. It was supposed to be here yesterday according to every overly dramatic weatherman and woman on every television station in the entire southland. Right now it's misting... BIG RAIN!! Woo hoo! I joke because I'm waiting, Em is waiting, Ro is waiting and Rob is waiting... waiting to enjoy the rain. Living in the desert of Los Angeles, we do not get much rain and this family loves the rain, so we are waiting impatiently.

So, in order to distract from the waiting for our new tradition of the rainy day observation walk among other things, the munchkins and I have been busy doing "stuff". First up was a chalk creation of Daddy... newly back at work after the Christmas break and very sorely missed by Em and Ro. As soon as the masterpiece was completed, we emailed Daddy and promptly called Daddy to say hello, we miss you, here is a pic of you, we love you, kiss kiss!

After an arty morning, we ate breakfast (Ro loves to self feed even the messiest of food items) and prepared for a quick walk around the neighborhood. Our neighbors are putting in a new concrete driveway, so we stopped to watch the twirling cylinders and the pressure pumped tube spit out wet concrete and be screeted (??) and smoothed.

With the laundry finally done... a new project began... the revision of Em's room. Oma and PaPa had given Em a new bed comforter and sheet set that we exchanged for a different set... I'm not into television cartoon themed rooms personally, so we opted for Em's favorite colors... blue and green. Once that was all washed and put on the bed, I revealed the new bed to Em, who said it was beautiful and that he couldn't decide which blue and green were his very favorites... that's a good sign I think. On to accessories!

We painted his bulletin board and the shadow boxes that will hold his inspirations and creations and whatever else he wants it/them to. Those will be done next week when the pics that go in the back of the shadow boxes arrive from Snapfish. He chose a picture from our October East Coast vacation which I never blogged about. The pic is from a fun pick-your-own apple orchard in Natick, MA. The other pic is a drawing he has yet to create... so the mystery begins. :-)

With the morning crafting over with, we rocked out to Maxwell and then everyone went into afternoon rest mode. So, I am finally going to go rest with Em while Ro energizes with a nap.

It's finally raining. Heavy drizzling really, but I'll take it! Dinner tonite is homemade chicken soup and a new bread recipe from
The Bread Baker's Apprentice by baker Peter Reinhart. Dessert will be a on fast standard of Cranberry Oatmeal Cookies... right off the Quaker's oat canister. We just switch out the raisins for cranberries and leave out the nuts.

Have a great weekend everyone!