Wednesday, November 28, 2007

First Food Since Sunday

The Celtic Mommy home has been on a wild roller-coaster ride the past few days with everyone getting a super nasty stomach flu that lasts FIVE days! Saturday, Ro got it. Sunday, I got it. Monday, Rob got it. And today, Em is getting it... it's just awful.

But a bright note for Ro... solid food! Well, it's not really solid, but it is pretty close. The first for him in days. He looks so skinny! The adults are living on watered down Gatorade (blech!) and broth. We'll see how it goes with Em. I promise once the copious loads of laundry and sheet-changing is done, I'll catch up on everything.

Perfect downtime book to read: UNplug the Christmas Machine. This was a fast read for me and hit home in many ways! You can also find the newer and older versions to trade on

and of course on Amazon.