Monday, October 8, 2007

HSKS3 Swap Sent

I didn't want to post pictures of the Hogwarts Sock Kit Swap3 package until my Hufflepuff swap partner Jennifer received it... but she has and now I can. :-)

When I found out Jen was my swap partner, I looked around her blog to find out about things she likes and dislikes and that very day, my eager-self went goodie shopping. First I found Dr. Pepper Jelly Bellies, some natural strawberry preserves and one of my very favorite Tazo teas... Wild Sweet Orange. These things are a fun must for any knitter or crocheter in my humble opinion. I had to immediately wrap everything because the munchkins kept grabbing the jelly beans and asking for some.

Delicious yarn from Spunky Eclectic in Penguin March from WoolGirl and dpn's & circular needles were next and I'd nearly busted my budget... but I saw one sock pattern (Cookie A's Gothic Spire from Yarnzilla) I knew Jen would love and bought it!

Now, a bag a bag... what kind of bag to make? The HSKS3 requirements said I could sew, crochet or knit it and I opted to sew one... this is an adaptation of the Charming Handbag in Amy Karol's book Bend the Rules Sewing... what an awesome book by the way! I used butterfly brocade on the outside and yellow accent fabric on the inside (Hufflepuff colors are black and yellow) and added a little pocket.

When I was done, I added a few last minute goodies like some funky yarn she could use for any project, extra knitting needles, a few more patterns, lots of confetti, a postcard and a note about why I chose what I chose.

I then sealed it with my normal seal and used Ravenclaw colored waxes (I'm in the Ravenclaw house). For her address label, I found this awesome owl (the one at the top) and away the package flew to her home across the country!
Jennifer has pics of everything unwrapped on her blog if you'd like to see it. I had a fantastic time making this gift for her and hope she enjoys it all!