Thursday, June 28, 2007

Crocheted washcloths

I finally finished the washcloths for my future sister-in-law!

The idea came when I found out that they might not get washcloths in their rooms while on their honeymoon... this is apparently a fairly standard practice in many areas and countires throughout Europe.

So... I made them each a set of 8 inch square white ones and 10 inch square brown ones. The note that I wrote explaining the idea behind it is here... hand written with a glass pen and brown ink.

I renamed the colors of the yarn to reflect on where they are going on their honeymoon (Greece & Italy) to give it a cute little twist. The white ones are Mykonos Island White and the brown ones became Tuscan cremini brown.

At first, when she was opening her gifts, I was worried that mine would be labeled (by others) an inferior gift... since I did not spend $100 like most of the ladies did. But, then I realized, that that's not me and it is not up to these other ladies to decide!

Additionally, I knew that these came from the heart and that I spent a lot of loving hours working on them and making sure they were perfectly done... having unraveled them more than once!

I had hoped she would agree, but if she didn't, I knew in my heart that I did and gave something I thought was genuinely thoughtful... she loved them!